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Groups and Trainings

Prabodhi is one of only two active teachers certified by Charles Kelley before his death in 2005 and offers the 20 day Pulsation Training:
Körperarbeit Prabodhi G. Mildenberg
Each training in body-oriented psychotherapy can only start with a deep self experiential process. With movement, touch and breath These 20 days will offer you an in-depth experience of your own energy, the ways that you have been holding your truth back and the expansion and expression of your impulses and emotions.

The main prerequisite for this 20 day process is your willingness to feel and expose the emotions and insights that come upas ( I don´t know this word) good as you can.

In the training you will learn the practise and theory of the segmental structure of the body.The different emotions held in each segment and hands-on interventions on how to support the release of these held emotions. You will study the teachings of Wilhelm Reich directly.

This Training will be held from Jan 10th until 31st at the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India which Elle Magazine describes as, “A paradise where all your emotional, bodily and spiritual needs are met.”

This is an excellent time of the year to visit India as the temperature is very pleasant. You can extend your stay afterwards to meditate,integrate and relax.

Groups offer the opportunity to commit yourself over a weekend or 5 days to your own inner process of opening and reconnecting with your true core. It creates a space to explore the new inner spaces and expansion with yourself and to bring them into relating and make new experiences. In this way this new opening and inner balance can be stabilised and bridged into your everyday life.

Individual Sessions
In the individual sessions the focus is on you and direct, physical, armour dissolving work. You receive the full attention and space for your personal history and needs.