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Reichian Bodywork

Porraitfoto Wilhelm Reich
In the understanding of Wilhelm Reich, the therapeutic process involves working on the Body and emotions. He is the founder of the Vegetotherapy, which is considered the foundation of most body-oriented Psychotherapy. Reich discovered and researched for many years the phenomenon of the so-called muscular armouring and dissolving of the chronic tensions to help people reconnect with their life energy.

As a student from S. Freud he was the first to come out behind the coach of the psychoanalyst and build a direct and human contact with his patients. He could observe how the originally free flowing life energy was held back in the body on a deep unconscious level and that holding back was the root cause for the emotional, mental and muscular tensions and restrictions.

Although this muscular armouring was a valuable survival mechanism in our childhood, as adults, it impedes a real and satisfying contact with ourselves and others. It affects our Self-acceptance, our creative expressions and all our relationships, often with very painful consequences.