Pulsation with Prabodhi G. Mildenberg

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What is Pulsation?

Grafische Darstellung von Pulsation
Charles Kelley, a direct student of W. Reich continued Reich´s work under the name of RADIX, out of which Oshopulsation has developed.

The name is based on the understanding, that all which is alive pulsates, it contracts and expands.This phenomena can be experienced in the human body in the breath, the heartbeat and many more functions.

These pulsations are also the expression of life force (also known as in the Chinese culture as Chi or in India as Prana) that streams through our body. In a healthy body it flows freely, as can be observed in the soft body of a baby. But from early childhood we have learned to withhold and repress our original impulses and emotions. They were not welcomed by our parents and teachers and often as a child we were punished.

Many think that punishment is just physical, but also exclusion or the withdrawal of love is very painful for a child. So caught between its impulse and the need for love and belonging, the child starts experiencing that dilemma and its emotions itself as threatening.

W. Reich understood that character is rooted in the body and mind. The child discovers early on, that by tensing muscles and reducing the breath it can repress and reduce the intensity of its feelings - many people know the pressure in the throat created by holding back tears.
That stubborness is a stiffness in the neck. That fear is a tension in the belly. That anger on the other hand is clenching the teeth.

We repress anger, pain and fear, but also aliveness and joy - and when we have done this often enough the muscular tension and the shallow breathing becomes habituell. This is the origin of the muscular armouring. The free expression of life energy and aliveness is restricted - we live in a ´survival mode´.

The goal of Reichian bodywork is to slowly dissolve that muscular armouring, where in a safe and protected environment these emotions can be expressed, owned and released.

The therapeutic work of dissolving this tension in the armoured segments of the body, can reach emotional depths that are beyond the depth that can be reached in talking about an issue or problem.

Releasing those deep seated emotions, results in great expansion, an open heart, and the capacity for deep and meaningful connections to yourself and others.